Authorized Jedox Licensing Distributor and Support Provider

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What is Jedox?

First-Ranked Jedox Partner and Integrator

The PerfectSight team ranks first among Jedox partners, distributors and integrators. PerfectSight is the only center of excellence in France whose talents possess a combination of technical and functional expertise backed by longstanding and proven experience in the areas of Finance and Management Control.

We are authorized to sell Jedox software licenses and provide support in the use of their software systems. Every PerfectSight consultant is certified in Jedox technologies.

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Jedox is a comprehensive integrated Business Intelligence platform used to create analysis, planning and reporting applications within a convivial, familiar and easy-to-use environment.


Analysis, Planning & Reporting

    • Intuitive and familiar
    • Easy to use
    • Only one tool to learn how to use
    • Only one solution for Excel, Internet & Mobile Devices


A solution designed for the business user, a familiar environment


Simulations, Deployments and Results

    • Rapid simulations
    • Rapid deployments
    • Real-time results
    • Immediate Business advantages


The fastest Business Intelligence and Performance Management solutions on the market


Low TCO, Minimal Risk

  • Low license, support and maintenance costs
  • Few administrative tasks required
  • Customer first policy

An economically reliable model, little technical maintenance and few admin tasks required

A Single, Comprehensive and Integrated Platform

Jedox is the only Business Intelligence (BI) and Performance Management (PM) solution that operates on a single technical environment.

All Needs, All Users

The Jedox solution covers:

  • all BI & PM needs; Analysis, Planning, Reporting, Dashboards, Budgeting Process
  • across all departments; Management, Finance, Management Control, Sales, Marketing, Production & Manufacturing, Procurement, HR, IT, Governance & ERM, etc.

Straightforward and Rapidly Deployable

The Jedox solution is recognized for being easy to deploy, its high performance, an ability to process large volumes of data and above all for being resolutely end user-oriented.

Robust and Powerful

Jedox provides the benefit of the highest level of productivity and the finest rate of satisfaction and recommendation (at project completion) available on the market (2012 BARC BI Survey).

Convivial and Attractive

Jedox features an interface that is easy to use, easy to understand and easy for users to operate whether consulting, collecting or sharing reports, dashboards and data collection forms, just as it is easy for modeling and creating new reports. The interface enables users to obtain results that are aesthetically pleasing and attractive with dynamic interactive components of a quality high above the best state-of-the-art interfaces currently available on the market.

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