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Pre-Packaged, Configured and Versatile Solutions

PerfectSight provides pre-packaged, configured and versatile solutions that fit perfectly into any business environment.

Our bricks form a base comprised of best practices and software components that guarantee quick deployment as well as application of best practices. These bricks are specially-configured to ensure that our Customers’ business needs are met to the fullest extent.

Our solutions aim to cover Business Intelligence, Business Analytics and Performance Management needs within a single interface using a single software suite.

A Seamless Piloting Process

Through a single interface that supports all forms of media (Excel, Web or Mobile devices), our Customers access reports, dashboards, multi-dimensional analyses, planning schedules, simulations, budgetary systems, forecasts and more.

PerfectSight solutions include all required components and may be installed on an existing or dedicated infrastructure, and even made available over the Cloud.

Our solutions ensure a seamless piloting process and avoid any rupture in the data supply thanks to:

  • Use of a single interface,
  • Centralized data that is shared by everyone,
  • Shared management and security rules and guidelines.

In the event that the number of data sources, the complexity of the data or its integrity should require an intermediary baseware component to ensure proper integration, we build one using our SmartWarehouse Solution.

We complete the process by providing access to our business solutions that we configure in consideration of the Customer and Business environment. For specific needs, our building-block approach enables you to develop your own features based on the finest best practices.


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financial sight

FinanceSight is a comprehensive financial planning and follow-up solution. A genuine budgeting software tool, it interfaces with all types of accounting and finance data streams.

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cash sight

A genuine cockpit for cash managers regardless of their business line, our CashSight solution features graphics, dashboards and simulations to analyze and plan all your cash management operations.



Business monitoring and forecast



Cost analysis, sales analysis, pricing and simulations


retail sight

The RetailSight solution generates a wide range of user-friendly graphics-based reports and dashboards that may be used to analyze and optimize the performance of your sales outlets as well as to collect revenue forecasts.



Manpower planning and monitoring, payroll simulation


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